• Posted: 30th May 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Geoff Longley rounded off his campaign on the Grenville Lake syndicate with a 10-fish catch that included some belting scaly mirrors!
A 47-pounder, seven thirties to 39lb 12oz and two twenties made up Geoff’s season-ending catch, spread over the course of a four-day session.
Geoff found a nice clean area at 32 wraps, a rod-length off the back of a big weedbed, and put out five kilos of 18mm and 22mm Bug and Secret 7 boilies that had been pre-soaked in their matching Liquid Foods. He then fished over the top with trimmed-down Bug Corker dumbbell wafters tipped with halved Milky Malt pop-ups.
The fish got on the bait the next morning and regularly topping up the spot ensured the bites kept coming over the session.