10 Tips to Overnighter Success

  • Posted: 8th August 2018
  • Author: Karl Forrest
  1. Be prepared

When I know I’m going fishing in a few days’ time, I like to ensure I have my hookbaits, stick mix, spod mix or whatever prepared in advance. I also ensure I have plenty of rigs ready to go, as then I’m not wasting time while I’m out on the bank.

All my prep is done in advance

  1. Social media

We all use social media these days and it is a fantastic tool for keeping an eye on what’s getting caught and where from. Use this to your advantage when it comes to selecting a venue.

  1. Get on the blower!

Get in touch with your mates who might be fishing the water to get the low-down on what’s been happening, where fish have been caught, where fish have been seen, etc.

  1. Location

Even though you may have been told where they fish have been holding up or caught, when you arrive at the lake it’s still well worth going on a lap around the lake. The fish move around so much at this time of year, so your eyes and ears are still  the most important weapons in your armoury.

  1. Fish for a bite at a time

With your time being limited, you have to temper your expectations. There is no point piling a load of bait in and hoping for a big hit. Fishing for a bite at a time is the best course of action.

  1. Travel light

There is no point taking loads of gear, as you won’t need it all and it will only slow you down. You’ll be surprised how little you need just for an overnighter.

All I need for an overnighter

  1. If you see a show, cast to it

More often than not, casting to a showing fish can result in a fish, and with limited time at your disposal, every opportunity is worth taking.

  1. Do something different to everyone else

Whether it’s a different bait, using zigs, or whatever, being different can often be the difference between success and failure.

  1. Bedding down

I rarely put the bivvy up at this time of year and often just sleep under the stars. A bivvy is extra weight to carry and time wasted when it comes to putting it up and taking it down.

  1. Enjoy it

An overnighter might be the only time you get to yourself if you have a busy family life and work commitments, so enjoy being out there, and as any carp angler knows, there is no greater feeling to heading off to work with a stinky net in the back of the car.

The rewards are worth the effort