• Posted: 7th May 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Aaron Mcilwaine enjoyed a fun smash-’em-up session on Linear Fisheries’ Unity syndicate, picking off 14 fish to 31lb 8oz.
Aaron said: “After a couple of laps, it was clear the fish were situated at one particular end of the lake. Unfortunately, all the swims were occupied where the fish were held up, so I positioned myself in a swim as close as I could get to them and one that also commanded a lot of water.
“The first night passed with nothing but a good night’s sleep! However, at first light I had my first take, which was shortly followed by a further two fish. After the morning’s activity all went quiet until the following morning, which turned out to be the bite pattern for the majority of the session.
“Knowing the fish in Unity like their boilies, I went in with nothing but a boilie-only approach, but did decide to crush and chop The Bug, along with a mixture of whole 15mm and 18mm Bug freebies. I also coated the boilies with the matching Bug Liquid Food and, not to forget, plenty of Bug Hydro Spod Syrup, and fished either Bug Half Tones or Bug Corker wafters over the top.
“In total I had 17 bites, landing 14 fish, with the biggest being a 31lb 8oz ghost common backed up by a couple of upper twenties, including a lovely 28lb 9oz zip linear. Only two fish were under 20lb.
“It’s safe to say The Bug is an absolute game changer!”