• Posted: 18th March 2022
  • Author: Lee Morris and James Anderson

Winter carp fishing rarely gets more challenging than this, as Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris is joined on the banks of a freezing-cold Standlake Lagoons in Oxfordshire by James Anderson.

Bait application and rigs play a big part in this particular episode, as Mozza and James try to conjure up a few bites from these ultra-wary and extremely cagey carp.

When it comes to winter carping, it is all about trial and error, as we try to find that perfection presentation and irresistible baiting combination that will trigger a bite when, in reality, the carp have very few designs on feeding.

Watch as the lads try to solve the puzzle, beginning on Kingfisher Lake and resulting in one of Mozza’s finest-ever successes in the history of the Winter Series, despite temperatures plummeting to well below freezing on a night and the lake icing over!

Once again, The Bug plays a massive role in the lads’ approach, proving what a fantastic year-round carp bait it is.