30 fish in four nights on DreamLakes 1

  • Posted: 21st March 2022
  • Author: Team DNA
A four-night session on DreamLakes 1 saw Will Davis from London rack up a massive 30-fish haul, including a fish he’d wanted to catch for a long time!
“It was a slow start, with me blanking on the first night, so I knew a move was needed,” said Will.
“After finding them in the opposite corner of the lake, that’s when the action began. The action was pretty consistent throughout the days and nights, with plenty of thirties and forties coming my way, with the biggest fish being a 51lb 8oz ghostie, a fish I’d always wanted to catch.
“The mix consisted of hemp, crushed peanuts, corn and 8mm Switch covered in matching liquid. At the business end, I used either 10mm PB or Milky Malt pop-ups over the top of the baited area.”
The 50lb-plus ghostie was backed up by eight forties to 47lb.