• Posted: 14th May 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
It appears Mike Bowers is going to enjoy life on his new syndicate water, after catching two 36-pounders on his latest session, one off the top and one off the bottom!
Mike said: “In the heat of Wednesday and Thursday, and not being able to set up where I wanted, I decided to surface fish for the first day, landing two mirrors to 36lb 8oz off the top on trimmed-down SLK Corker pop-ups.
“I fished the night in that peg, but struggled to find a clear enough spot to present over. Nothing came through the night and by late morning it seemed like the fish had moved off. A peg became free on the far side of the lake, so I packed up and got myself round to that peg. I found a clear spot amongst the weed and, using a mixture of Crayfish Mini Mix and Secret 7 pellets, I introduced two kilos of bait.
“First thing the next morning, I was rewarded with a common at 36lb 14oz, falling to a 15mm Milky Malt pop-up.”