• Posted: 22nd March 2023
  • Author: Team DNA

Aaron Mcilwaine’s latest visit from his home in Belfast to the Guys syndicate at Linear Fisheries proved well worth the trip once again, with no fewer than 23 fish coming his way from three different lakes!

The highlight of the trip was Gaunts Lake’s Big Common at a PB-breaking 46lb 2oz, which was backed up by four thirties and loads of twenties.

“After having a look around the three lakes on the ticket upon arrival, I decided to start on Gaunts,” said Aaron.

“A fresh south-westerly wind had arrived and, to my surprise, the end of the lake that received this was empty!

“I settled for a swim I had fished before, so after a quick lead about just to check the areas from my notes were still good to present on, the rods were soon positioned.

“The first take came at around 4am and I was off the mark with a lovely 36lb 12oz mirror – what a result! Once the rod was repositioned and daylight arrived, a lovely mid-twenty called me into action, soon followed by a chunky 37lb 14oz mirror.

“The rest of the day passed with no further bites until evening, which was when something very special indeed happened! Once I caught glimpse, I quickly realised that I was attached to Gaunts Lake’s Big Common! She pulled the scales around to 46lb 2oz, this being her heaviest-ever recorded weight and, for me, a new UK PB! Admittedly, this was a recapture, but I definitely wasn’t going to complain with such an immaculate and sought-after carp!

“I went on to catch 10 fish from Gaunts before the fish moved off. I then dropped on to Unity lake where I landed another two fish, one being a lovely 33lb 3oz common. Then, I finally moved on to Yeomans lake to bank a further 11 fish, including a mega-looking 31lb 2oz mirror, bringing my total for the session to 23 fish!

“I used solid bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets, crumbed Bug boilies and the new Insect Meal powder, before pouring in plenty of Bug Hydro Spod Syrup. Hookbait-wise, I used The Bug Half Tone Wafters.”