• Posted: 27th April 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Dave Bailey has stalked one of Buckinghamshire’s largest carp out of the edge on a Bug wafter!
The 38-year-old from Stone was coming to the end of a three-day trip to Waterside Fishery in Chesham when a stalking opportunity presented itself on Kingfisher Lake.
Setting a trap of pellets and some 15mm Bug boilies, Dave carefully put a couple of heavily glugged Bug wafters in place and it wasn’t long before he was cradling a magnificent 52lb common, the largest fish on the complex!
Dave explains: “Having spent three days at the awesome Waterside Fishery, combining serious fishing with some social time with great mates, the fish had been hard to come by. However, hours before I was due to leave, I partially packed up and did a lap of the lake to look for a stalking opportunity, thankfully finding some fish starting to feed close in the margin of my original swim.
“Two stealthily placed rigs were laid in the area and I watched a large mirror and common feed over some pellets and 15mm Bug boilies. Ten minutes later, the big common was mine!