• Posted: 17th October 2022
  • Author: Team DNA

It’s often said that time is the biggest asset in carp fishing, but Ian Purssord has proved that it is still possible to enjoy staggering results even on limited time, capping a fine run of results on the Rosemere syndicate with the lake’s biggest resident, a colossal mirror known as Harris at 57lb 12oz!

Despite only doing six-to-eight-hour stalking sessions on the Cambridgeshire syndicate, the 44-year-old has landed 12 fish from the venue this session, backing up his capture of Harris with Twin Scale at 43lb 12oz and the Long One at 40lb 8oz.

“I’ve had a good run on Rosemere over the past two months, fishing short day sessions and stalking them in the edge,” said Ian.

“I’ve not done any nights on Rosemere this year, as having young kids, my time is limited. Despite that, I’ve managed 12 fish from 12 bites on short sessions, comprising five twenties, four thirties, two forties and a 50-pounder!

“The last two bites have been the cherry on top of the cake, producing Harris at 57lb 12oz and Twin Scale at 43lb 12oz.”

The Bug has played a key role in Ian’s success, as he has been baiting marginal areas with 18mm and mini dumbbell Bug freebies, mixed together with Bug pellets and Bug Liquid Food.

At the business end, he has been fishing with Bug Hard Hookers tipped with either small white pop-ups or yellow wafters.

Harris at 57lb 10oz

Twin Scale at 43lb 12oz