74lb & 64lb chunks top Vallee Lake One haul!

  • Posted: 14th October 2020
  • Author: Team DNA

With many of the lakes in France currently quiet due to quarantine restrictions, many of those who are heading across the Channel are enjoying bumper sessions!

Richard Corscadden is one such angler. When he arrived at Vallee Lake One, there was only one other angler on. After a walk around the lake, there was very little to go on, so he opted for the swim that had done a number of fish the week before, but after a two-night blank, Rich came to the conclusion the fish had long since moved on.

On the third night, however, he managed to locate them and went on to bank seven fish over the next four nights, massive mirrors of 74lb 7oz and 64lb 5oz, as well as a fifty and four forties!

Rich decided the stay on for the next three nights, as he now had the lake to himself, and went on to add three more fish, comprising two forties and an upper thirty.

All Rich’s fish were caught on 15mm SLK Hard Hookers tipped with corn over a big bed of bait made up of 15mm and 12mm chopped and whole SLK boilies and house particles, all soaked in SLK Hydro Spod Syrup.

64lb 5oz