• Posted: 29th May 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
“This Amino Smoke has some serious pulling power,” Luke Church told us when he reported the capture of the most remarkable big, dark mirror, coming as part of a four-fish catch on a local day-ticket water.
The 38lb 14oz charcoal-coloured mirror perhaps fittingly succumbed to a piece of our black Peppered Squid Candy Sticks, which Luke had dunked in Bug Amino Smoke before casting it out on a zig. The same tactic also yielded a 26lb 14oz mirror.
Luke also managed a 26lb 12oz common off the surface on a 12mm Bug Corker pop-up after getting them going on BetaStim Floaters soaked in Salmon Oil, and added a 20lb common off the deck using a PB pop-up over crushed and whole Bug freebies.