• Posted: 22nd October 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Roger Bacon has made an explosive start to life on his new syndicate, landing one of the largest fish in the lake on his very first session!

Despite being bunged up with cold, Roger decided it was still worth the effort to get the rods out and was rewarded in doing so with a chunk of a mirror known as the Grand at 49llb 4oz, backed up by a 31lb 10oz scaly, two twenties to 26lb 10oz and an upper-double.

“Feeling full of cold, I was going stay at home, but decided I should go to my new syndicate, get the rods out and suffer in my bivvy,” admitted Roger.

“After the first night, I was surprised when shortly after first light I had my first bite from the lake, landing a mirror of 31lb 10oz. Super happy I had made the effort, I topped up the area I was fishing with a couple more kilos of Bug boilies.

“Shortly after dark, one of my rods to the same spot absolutely ripped off! The wind was mental and as I stood knee-deep in white-cap waves, I knew this was a good fish. Then in the torchlight, I could see the white belly of a chunk slowly coming to the net. It was landed, weighed and identified by the bailiff as the Grand Fish at 49lb 4oz. I was blown away.

“I had another stockie common of 18lb from a separate spot later that night, a long 26lb 10oz mirror in the middle of the afternoon the next day, which was another surprising but welcome bite, and then finally added a 20lb mirror on my last night, making it five fish in total from what is a very hard lake. Definitely a red-letter session.
“Over the course of the session, I used 15kg of mixed-sized Bug boilies that had received a two-day soak in matching Bug Liquid Food. Pink Peril pop-ups were fished over the top on my special pop-up rig.”

26lb 10oz