• Posted: 29th May 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Red-letter sessions don’t come around too often, but a session like this one is even rarer!
Fishing a northern low-stock gravel pit, Paul Mallinson had what is considered to be a season’s worth of fish in just 24 hours, capped by the second largest carp in the lake at 41lb 14oz.
Mally said: “This was a session I won’t forget in a hurry! I’m fishing a low-stock 20-acre northern gravel pit, where half a dozen fish a year would be considered a reasonable result for some anglers; myself included!
“Having arrived late, I eventually got the rods out at midnight and crashed into bed. Not long later, I was up and watching the water to see where they were. After an hour with very little to report, one of my rods one noted out of the blue! As I was playing what turned out to be a 21lb common, another rod one noted! Bundling the common into the net, I turned my attentions to the second rod. Thankfully the fish was still on and what ensued was the hardest fight I’ve had off a carp. With considerable arm ache, I eventually bundled a rather large mirror into the same net. It was clearly either the biggest or second biggest in the lake. I soon discovered it wasn’t the biggest but the second biggest, but I wasn’t about to start complaining, though, as it was a mega mirror of 41lb 14oz!
“The pics were tricky in the incessant rain, but came out well, thankfully. The session didn’t finish there either, with a mega scaly 32lb mirror, two further low-twenty commons and an upper-double mirror coming my way, a season’s worth of fish in a mad 24-hour period!
“All the fish came to either yellow Bug Half Tone wafters or 15mm Bug Corker wafters over Bug freezer bait and a mix of Crayfish pellets with a dose of Calanus Hydro, a combination that’s been working very well for me.”