A winter to remember on Long Reach: Part 1

  • Posted: 27th January 2021
  • Author: Team DNA

Phil Graham has been in touch to share with us some of the amazing fish he caught during a two-month period in the run-up to Christmas as part of his winter ticket on St Ives’ 30-plus-acre Long Reach.

His first fish, this lovely common, came on only his second trip, falling to a combination of SLK shelf-life boilies and Fish Hydro.

Phil opened his winter ticket on Long Reach with this common

Phil had just two weeks to wait until his second fish came along, and what a fish it was, too!

Falling to the same SLK and Fish Hydro combination, Phil managed to trip up one of the A-team residents, the coveted Mutley’s at 43lb 14oz.

By this point, Phil’s winter was certainly off to a flying start!