• Posted: 8th May 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Arriving at your syndicate on a Friday evening, in May, in heavy rain, is far from ideal, but Justin Greig still managed to make a success of his 36-hour session, helped in part by the Amino Smoke!
Justin opted to fish over low-lying weed with 15mm Secret 7 Corker pop-ups on multi rigs over whole and halved S7 freebies coated in the S7 Amino Smoke and then dusted in Crayfish Heavy Bag and Feeder Mix.
The result was a couple of 30-pounders weighing 32lb 8oz and 30lb 4oz.
“There are many applications that work well with the Smoke, as well as the ever-faithful S7 and the new Crayfish Heavy Bag and Feeder Mix,” said Justin.