• Posted: 1st June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Sharing special moments with your mates are what French trips are all about, and when both of you catch a personal best during the same session, then even better!
Nathan Marsh and Jack Barber were up against it from the start when they turned up to Bluewater Lakes in the Champagne-Ardennes region, in particular Nathan, who came out last in the draw. After a five-night blank, Nathan was able to move into a swim called Picnic and chucked out an 18-inch zig soaked in Sticky Sweet where he’d seen some fizzing.
Incredibly, the following day, Nathan would bag himself two 60-pounders, including a PB-shattering 63lb mirror that he also got to name!
Nathan said: “At 7.30am we were finally away and after an epic 20-minute battle a chunk of a mirror surfaced in front. Eventually she went in the net and tipped the scales at 63lb, a new personal best and a fish I got to name Bonzo after my grandad. After a good old soaking from the lads and a shower, two fresh Sticky Sweet-soaked zigs were tied. The rods went out around 1pm and at 3.30pm the same rod was away again! After another good battle, Jack was there with the net and slipped it under another chunk of a mirror that weighed bang on 60lb. What an unbelievable session with loads of memories made.”
Meanwhile, Jack was starting to get in on the action, landing four fish on a couple of different tactics. A Sticky Sweet-soaked zig saw him tempt a 43lb 12oz common, but it was his baited spot that really came good for him towards the end of the trip.
Fishing over a mixture of 12mm, 15mm and 18mm Bug boilies soaked in Bug Liquid Food, Calanus Hydro and Hemp Oil, Jack’s large PB wafter was snaffled on the Friday morning by a new personal best of 49lb 15oz, backed up by two other fish to 38lb.

Nathan’s second sixty at bang on 60lb

Jack’s new PB of 49lb 15oz

A 43lb 12oz zig-caught common