• Posted: 21st April 2022
  • Author: Team DNA
George Goldie’s first excursion to France was nothing short of eventful, beginning with severe delays at Dover and punctuated by a 104lb sturgeon, but his tactics paid dividends in the end and he left the Blue Lake complex with a huge smile on his face!
“Delays at Dover meant it was a 36-hour journey from my house to the lake, but eventually we made it and I came out first in the draw, choosing peg eight,” said George.
“After the first night produced three bream, the second night yielded a massive 104lb sturgeon over a heavily baited area at 35 wraps. My head was telling me to move out of the deeper water at 12-15ft down to the shallows in the anticipation of a big south-westerly wind, so I made the move and began fishing with solid bags over a scattering of boilies into the mouth of a channel. This resulted in a 25lb mirror off a gravel bar. Full of confidence, it was now time to investigate the swim fully. Opposite the swim sat what can only be described as the mother of all snags, absolutely screaming carp! I cast a bare lead, clipped up and decided to fish pop-ups tight to it. The following morning the middle rod on a PB pop-up soaked in Intense Booster ripped off with a 20lb mirror on the end.
“I decided it was now time to work the snag, so I baited up with 15kg of Bug boilies and Bug dumbbells, Crayfish Mini and Maxi Mix pellets, a few kilos of bloodworm, a couple tins of sweetcorn and lots of Bug Hydro Spod Syrup. Over the next couple of days, the bites then started to come.
“Just before first light the next morning, I landed something I instantly knew was bigger than anything I had banked before in the UK. A 40lb mirror meant it was time for a champagne breakfast and plenty of laughs with the lads. The big winds and temperature increase at night had certainly switched them on!
“Two fish early morning, a brace of 38lb mirrors, meant I was beaming with a smile from ear to ear. The lake was still fishing very hard for everyone else, but my magic snag now had me filled me with confidence.
“One the final morning, one of the rods ripped off again, this time producing a much better fight. In the sling it went whilst we packed down, then out she came ready for the weighing and pictures. Weighing in 42lb, I was blown away and meant the van would be stinking of wet nets and carpiness on the way home.”
A combination of PB pop-ups, Bug Corker pop-ups and Bug Corker wafters soaked in Bug Liquid Food accounted for George’s bites.