• Posted: 5th April 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Short-session angler, Ian Purssord, marked a successful return to the Rosemere syndicate on only his second day session of the year, landing mirrors of 37lb 4oz and 23lb 2oz from two different swims.
The 44-year-old roofer said: “My first session back on Rosemere in four months resulted in a blank, but I saw one roll in a swim behind where I was fishing, so spodded out some groats, maples and maize that had been soaking in the Liver Extract and then scattered some 15mm Bug boilies to the area with the throwing stick and clipped up three rods before I left.
“Upon returning early the next day, I put out three casts to the area and didn’t have to wait long before the middle rod was away, resulting in a lovely scaly 23lb 2oz mirror that really gave me a good scrap.
“It got to midday and I had not seen anything else in the area, but on the other side of the lake I had seen two good fish roll really close in where the wind had been pumping into all morning. Enough was enough, so I loaded the barrow and 30 minutes later had three rods flicked out to the area with light leads. Twenty 15mm Bug boilies, 20 maple peas and 20 grains of maize went out over the top. I know the quantity as I trickled them in one by one!
“One hour later, I had a 37lb 4oz mirror wallowing in the net, proving I had made the right move. I’ll take that as a welcome back!”
Hookbait-wise, Ian used 15m Bug Corker pop-ups coated in Bug Intense Booster on chod rigs.