• Posted: 11th April 2022
  • Author: TONY PAYNE

Solid bags are undoubtedly one of the deadliest methods a carp angler can have in their armoury, offering guaranteed presentation on practically any substrate and a small parcel of attraction around your hookbait. Yet despite their effectiveness, very few anglers use them on a regular basis, often opting for the comparative ease of a Ronnie rig.

Tony Payne is convinced solid bags are well worth the effort, as they have accounted for numbers of carp for him down the years, in particular on Manor Farm’s Booneys Lake, a venue renowned for its scaly mirrors and striking dark commons.

For that reason, we asked Tony to share with us exactly how he makes his solid bags and detail the products he uses within them, as Tony does things a little bit different to most, utilising the DNA Baits Betastim Mini Mix pellets, the Bug Bait Soak and the large Milky Malt wafters to ensure his hook is perfectly concealed from the carp.

A handy little video if you are planning on getting on the solid bags this year!