• Posted: 26th September 2023
  • Author:
Paul Dobson is having a season to cherish on Roach Pit, continuing is recent run of results with the capture of the largest common in the lake as part of a three-fish catch.
Torrential rain over the course of his stay did little to dampen the 34-year-old’s spirits, particularly after he got the session up and running with a pretty 18lb linear and then followed it up with a beautiful 33lb mirror that goes by the name of Scatter Scales.
Then just as his session was coming to a close, Paul was called into action one final time, with culprit being the largest common in the Hampshire syndicate, the coveted Curly Peck at 36lb.
“After my last recent success and with big storms turning up, I was straight back in the same swim as before,” said Paul.
“The wind howling into my face and I remember thinking it was definitely going to happen, but after 24 hours I hadn’t seen a thing, so I got up early and went for a walk. After finding some very subtle signs on the back of the wind, I decided I needed to move. The conditions were getting more savage as the minutes went by and I just got set up on the other end of the lake when the heavens opened!”
The first night in the new swim saw Paul lose a fish, but it did give him the confidence he was on to something.
“By mid-morning the rod was away again and I soon had a nice little linear in the net. It then proceeded to rain all day to the point I nearly packed up! However, at 7pm I was in again. This time I had to go out in the boat in torrential rain, before sliding the net under a beautiful mirror known as Scatter Scales. What a fish, what a session!
“At the end of the session, just as I was about to reel in, I was away again! When I saw this fish roll in front of the boat, I couldn’t believe by eyes; it was Curly Peck, the biggest common in the lake! My season just gets better and better, as this was another personal best. It’s safe to say I’m loving my first season on the Roach.”
Bug Half Tones wafters have been getting the bites for the Dorset landscaper, fished over a few kilos of mixed-sized Bug and Secret 7 boilies.