• Posted: 7th September 2022
  • Author: Team DNA
Stephen Dean confessed to being “blown away” after setting a new personal best with the capture of a magnificent 37lb common.
Known as Brownie’s Common, Stephen caught the fish after enduring a blank weekend in his main swim. Before returning home on the Sunday, he elected to try his luck elsewhere on the lake after seeing a few fish show, and his efforts were rewarded immensely!
“I arrived at my local syndicate water straight after work on the Friday for two nights, knowing the conditions would be their best since the hot weather we’ve had,” said Stephen.
“It isn’t an easy venue at the best of times and the fish haven’t been visiting the bank in many numbers of late. After blanking over the weekend, I decided to have a few hours elsewhere, as some fish were showing close in, so I set the rods up and flicked out two Bug dumbbell wafters with a PVA mesh bag of crumbed Bug boilies mixed in with some Blizzard.
“After a short while, the left-hand rod was away and eventually, after a hard fight, my new PB came over the net cord. It was a fish known as Brownie’s Common and weighed 37lb exactly. I was absolutely blown away!”