• Posted: 13th September 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Andy Harrington from Middlesbrough has landed what is believed to be one of the oldest fish in Brickyard Fishery’s Gandelf’s Lake, a stunning original from before the lake was stocked and turned into a syndicate.
Andy said: “I was the first member to bring The Bug on to this lake and I’ve not blanked since. The bait has caught me fish that were stocked more than two years ago and have never seen the bank, until The Bug started ripping it up!”
This particular fish gave itself up to a snowman presentation comprising an 18mm Bug bottom bait tipped with a 12mm Bug Half Tones pop-up, fished to a snaggy overhanging tree. Andy then baited with a mixture of chopped and whole Bug freebies soaked in Bug Hydro Spod Syrup.