• Posted: 9th May 2022
  • Author: Team DNA

Jess Jackson described his visit to Cretelakes in France as a “brilliant Bug bonanza”, after catching a sixty, three fifties and a PB common of 48lb 12oz during a memorable week’s angling!

Jess opted for Lake 2 on the complex, where he baited small holes in the weed with regularly topped-up beds of Bug crumb as well as whole Bug 15mm and mini dumbbell freebies, all covered in lashings of Bug Hydro Spod Syrup. Over the top of his baited areas, he fished small white Bug Half Tones wafters.

His tactics threw up a session-topping 60lb 4oz mirror, backed up by other mirrors of 55lb, 54lb 12oz and 53lb 8oz and three forties to 48lb 12oz.


54lb 12oz

53lb 8oz

48lb 12oz