• Posted: 27th July 2022
  • Author: Team DNA
Geoffrey Ionascu used the Bug mini dumbbells to great effect on a big southern pit, picking off this 46lb lump during a 48-hour session!
“Fishing in a quiet five-acre bay with no other anglers present, with the rest of the main lake busy, I decided to keep the session quiet with no Spombing and just fish solid bags and catapult Bug barrels spread over the spots,” said Geoffrey.
“I did the Friday night without a touch and started to see the odd fish moving into the bay following a fresh south-westerly wind. I re-did the left and middle rods with fresh bags and topped up the spots with Bug barrels.
“The take was a proper one-toner at just before midnight and in the panic I dropped my torch and couldn’t find it, so had to play the fish in the dark. After a 20-minute battle, the fish was in the net, but I had no idea of the actual size of the fish until I found my headtorch and looked in the net!”
Geoffrey fished amongst the Bug mini dumbbells with Bug Corker wafters that he had glugged in Bug Hydro Spod Syrup.