• Posted: 15th September 2021
  • Author: Team DNA

Burghfield Gold Lake has been a popular destination for James Walford down the years, the obvious draw being the beautiful carp that swim within its clear, weedy waters, and on his latest visit, he was rewarded with the biggest and best looking of them all!

Whilst fishing with a group of friends on a five-night booking, James hit into the most-coveted fish in the lake, a stunning dark mirror that goes by the name of Nige’s, tipping the scales at 37lb 8oz.

The 33-year-old roofer from Bromley targeted a gravel spot by a reedbed, where he offered a Secret 7 dumbbell wafter amongst a mixture of whole and crumbed Secret 7 and SLK boilies.

James added: “A little down on weight, but I’m buzzing to have caught the lake’s big ’un and by far the best looking.”