• Posted: 12th September 2022
  • Author: James Anderson

Fishing for carp in weedy waters can be a daunting prospect for a lot of anglers, but it doesn’t have to be. Get your tactics right and there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel just as confident fishing these sorts of waters as you would anywhere else.

To talk us through his approach to fishing weedy venues, qualified angling coach, James Anderson, takes us to his syndicate water, Hasse Fen, in Cambridgeshire, which is floor to ceiling weed at this time of year.

James talks spot selection, what type of baits and rigs to use when fishing over weed, and explains how to play carp through weed when you do hook one.

If you feel daunted by fishing venues, or just want to hone your skills, you should plenty of ideas and inspiration from James.