• Posted: 12th April 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Luke Church couldn’t have hoped for a better way to round off the season on his syndicate water, capping a run of five fish with the capture of his number-one target from the venue, an incredible 40lb-plus scaly!
Luke’s run of success began with the capture of an old 30lb 12oz scaly, which he caught by casting a PB pop-up coated in matching Intense Booster to showing fish.
The next capture was the one Luke really wanted, an amazing 43lb 1oz scaly mirror that rarely gets caught.
“This was my main target from the lake, a fish that doesn’t give itself up very often, so I was very pleased with the capture,” said Luke.
“This was also my first forty from the syndicate, so that also made it extra special and this certainly made my season on this particular lake. I also added a 21lb 14oz mirror and a repeat of the 30lb-plus mirror.”
All three of Luke’s fish fell to Bug Corker pop-ups fished over a scattering of Bug freebies that had been pre-soaked in matching Bug Liquid Food and then coated in the Insect Meal.
Luke then wrapped up his campaign with one final overnighter to end of the season and signed off with a 35lb 14oz common, also caught on a Bug Corker pop-up over Bug boilies pre-soaked in Bug Liquid Food and dusted in Insect Meal.