• Posted: 9th July 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Despite being a British champion and representing his country at the highest level, there was one thing still missing from Luke Church’s list of achievements, a UK forty – until now!
After a quiet few weeks due to fish spawning and other commitments, Luke managed to start focusing a bit of time on the Nar Valley Fisheries complex, landing three 20lb-plus commons to 28lb 15oz on the first overnighter, before scooting off to work.
Despite only getting an hour’s sleep, Luke decided to return the following night for another go…
“I got set up and enjoyed watching the football, then got the rods back out on the spot,” said Luke.
“I had a 10lb common in the night and at first light was woken by a big-fish bite. After a deep, slow fight, I landed what was the biggest fish in the lake, the big mirror at a semi spawned-out weight of 43lbs 1oz. This is my new PB and my first 40lb-plus. I was so pleased with the capture, as after many years of trying, for one reason or another, it hadn’t happened up until now.
“When doing the final release shots of her, I received a take on another rod, which resulted in a lovely 29lb 13oz common. I took pictures of that fish, then reeled in and made my way to work for 7:30am. I only had managed around 2-3 hours’ sleep, so as you can imagine, I was completely exhausted that day at work, but I couldn’t have cared less, as I was on cloud nine and so pleased with the result. A brilliant couple of nights’ angling.
“Over the two nights, I introduced 5kg of whole and crushed 15mm Bug boilies had been pre-soaked in the matching Bug Liquid Food. Hookbait-wise, I used the ever-faithful PB wafters.”