Crayfish Mini Mix pellets

  • Posted: 23rd May 2018
  • Author: Jon Bassham

Crayfish Mini Mix pellets, available in 1kg and 5kg bags

I’ve used DNA Baits since the company first started back in 2007, so would like to think I have a pretty good knowledge of the products.

Choosing a favourite product to write about was never going to be easy, but the Crayfish Mini Mix is something that’s formed the cornerstone of my angling over the past few years.

I’m an avid solid bag user and the Crayfish Mini Mix pellets are ideal for this, as the sizes vary, right down to micro pellets. The advantage of this is the pellets fill more of the voids within the bag, reducing the amount of air and therefore making a very tight, compact bag that casts extremely well. To enhance this effect further, I also include some Switch Stick Mix to fill any remaining air spaces.

Crayfish Mini Mix pellets are absolutely perfect for solid bags

As the name suggest, the Crayfish Mini Mix includes a powerful crayfish flavour, but I do like to ‘pimp’ my pellets and add some of the Switch liquid to the tub they are stored in. A good shake to coat them evenly and they suck up the additional attraction a treat. The same goes for the Stick Mix, which is placed in a food blender and the Switch liquid and Hot Hemp Oil are added for even more of a signal for the carp to home in on. Just a word of warning, though, on the Hot Hemp Oil: don’t touch any part of your anatomy after using this stuff or you will seriously regret it!!

If using cobweb-type PVA, I find that it’s better to use a micromesh like ESP boilie funnel web, as the smaller pellets tend to fall through anything larger.

When loose feeding the Crayfish Mini Mix, the smaller pellets have a tendency to float briefly due to surface tension on the water, but if you add a little water first to the container and give them a shake, it solves the problem nicely.

My hookbait of choice when fishing solid bags is usually a wafter that matches the boilies I’m using, sometimes tipped with half a 10mm PB pop-up. However, a good mate of mine swears by the dedicated Crayfish Mini Hookers that complement the Mini Mix perfectly.

Hopefully this gives you a brief insight into what I think is one of DNA’s best products. Give them a try.

A recent capture involving the Crayfish Mini Mix pellets