• Posted: 14th June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
A massive congratulations to Simon Crow for achieving one of his dreams of landing the mighty Black Spot from the historic Mary & Joe Pool in Germany.
Having read and written about this legendary venue for many years, Crowy has had the privilege to fish the lake in recent times and yesterday he got the opportunity to cradle one of the finest carp in the country, the lake’s largest common at a colossal 76lb (34.5kg).
He said: “I’m fortunate to have friends that allow me to fish the legendary Mary & Joe Pool in Germany, one of the most famous carp lakes in the world.
“The fishing is far from easy, where every fish is hard-earned. The carp are under constant angling pressure from the best anglers in the country, and every time I go there all I ever want from a trip is one carp to make it worthwhile. The A-team fish are next level, but I make the 12-hour drive a couple of times a year in the hope that one day it might be my turn to hold one of the lake’s special gems.
“Well, yesterday my numbers came up, when at first light I had a bitty take which resulted in the biggest common in the lake known as Black Spot. Weighing in at a spawned-out 76lb (34.5kg), it’s a truly stunning fish, like a classic carp out of Redmire.
“Words can’t describe how much this fish means to me. I’ve wanted a big carp from this amazing lake since the days when Mary was making headlines 20 years ago. A massive thanks to my bro, Nermin Caro, for his information and to my long-time friend Christian Finkelde for making it happen.”
Crowy went in with a Secret 7 approach, tripping the fish up on an S7 snowman presentation.