• Posted: 19th July 2022
  • Author: Team DNA

It turned out to be a great weekend for DNA anglers on the match scene, with a number of them booking their place in the final of the British Carp Angling Championships.

The first two semi-finals were held in somewhat challenging conditions on the Linear Fisheries complex, spread across Brasenose 1 and St John’s Pool.

Over on St John’s, DNA consultant James Anderson and his partner, Kierren Waters, came through a tight section to secure a place in the final at Broadlands, beating Greening brothers, Brad and Rob.

James and Kierren had three fish in total for a combined weight of 61lb 15oz, all caught on 12mm Bug Corker pop-ups fished on zigs after getting the fish feeding on Betastim Floaters coated in Salmon Oil.

Kierren and James

Also on St John’s were DNA team members, Matt Whittington and Damien Watts, who took the honours in Section B with a winning weight of 99lb 3oz.

Matt said: “The draw wasn’t kind to us really. We choose to fish in Section B on the social bank, even though 80% of the stock of fish were sunning themselves in the shallows.

“After finding our spots, we planted zigs topped with different-coloured foam soaked in Sticky Sweet to try and tempt a stray fish, but nothing came. Before dark, we dropped solid bags on our clear spots, baited with Betastim Mini Mix pellets and pop-up sweetcorn, again soaked in Sticky Sweet.

“At 1am, the rod ripped off! Although St John’s has had the weed cut back, it’s more like a haircut than a complete removal, and after fighting the fish in the weed for about 20 mins, we had a hook pull!

“We were in last place, as the two other teams in our section had put fish on the board. Saturday was a slow day with only a hand full of fish seen in our section.

“Small spods of Mixers had them feeding, but we couldn’t get a take on foam. After a quick change of hookbait to a whittled-down Bug Corker pop-up to look like the Mixers, we were able to tempt a small carp to give us a glimmer of hope. Nothing more on Saturday, just a good barbecue and a few beers. We hatched a plan and set our alarms for before sunrise.

“Waking early, we began to spod the living granny out of St John’s with Mixers! With the water flat calm, we knew we could pull fish in. After many spods of Mixers, we set our over-depths zigs with whittled-down Bug Corker pop-ups, again soaked in Sticky Sweet. When the sun rose, all manner of carnage ensued, with four fish to 22lb landed on the Sunday morning, sling-shotting us into a 50lb lead when the final buzzer sounded. We were victorious! Love it when a plan comes together.”

Matt and Damien

There was also joy on Brasenose 1, where DNA team member Grant Westlake and his partner, Josh Bellew, claimed victory in Section A thanks to a six-fish catch for a combined weight of 131lb 1oz.

The lads go through to the final at Broadlands on the weekend of 9-11th September, where they will compete for a top prize of £20,000.

Grant and Josh