DNA Digital 2

  • Posted: 18th April 2018
  • Author: Lee Morris

Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris catches up with some of DNA Baits’ top names to find out what they’ve been up to over the past few months. Mark Bartlett is on the Bluebell complex to demonstrate how he tackles pressured day-ticket venues, and there’s a brief teaser about the new Squid and Worm Liquids. Ross Partridge reviews his fantastic season on Farriers, which has seen him bag commons to mid-forties. Carp Team England’s Chris ‘Bones’ Holmes talks match-fishing edges, and Mozza prepares for battle in the new series of ‘Carp Wars’. Bait maestro Mark Holmes has a crafty little edge for air-drying EVOs, and we get a live account of Luke Church and Kev Grout’s BCAC semi-final on Brasenose One.