• Posted: 21st September 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
The 80-acre Durleigh Reservoir has thrown up one of its largest mirrors in the form of this 33lb 8oz unit to Rob Cross.
The days-only venue in Somerset is known primarily for its commons, but there are a few big mirrors present, some of which have graced Rob’s net in the past, but none bigger than this one!
Rob was fishing at a distance of just over 100 yards, when his 18mm Secret 7 EVO hookbait was picked up by the mirror and line began peeling off the spool. It was immediately obvious to Rob and his friend that he had hit into a decent fish, and when the big mirror popped up and slid over the net cord, Rob was absolutely buzzing!
The fish came over a big bed of bait comprising loads of Secret 7 boilies, mixed in with particles and Hemp Oil.