• Posted: 10th January 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
John Kittle admitted he’ll be buzzing for the remainder of the winter after his latest result on the Gaunts syndicate at Linear Fisheries.
Despite being considered as the most challenging of the GUYs syndicate waters, John was determined to bag himself a winter lump, so that’s where he ended up.
Over the course of 36 hours, he manged to pick off eight fish in total, an incredible hit for the time of year, featuring mirrors of 33lb 8oz and 32lb 9oz and six twenties to 29lb 9oz.
John said: “Turning up with nothing to go on in the pitch black on Thursday night, I was determined to catch myself a winter lump, so due to its incredible stock, I decided to plot up on Gaunts Lake.
“With a howling crosswind, minimal visibility and driving rain, things were kept simple, with three solid bags deployed on a clean zone I had fished before. Less than an hour later, the left-hand rod tore off, but unfortunately a hidden snag cut me off early on in the fight. I needn’t have been upset, as less than an hour later, the right-hand rod was away and we had a stunning 26lb14oz mirror in the net.
“Just after 3am, the left-hand rod burst into life and I knew from the get go it was a big fish. Fifteen minutes later, after a tense battle, a serious lump was in the net, spinning the scales round to 33lb 8oz. Then another smaller mirror followed at dawn in full winter colours.
“After a quiet day, the rods were redone just before dark and I knew it wouldn’t be long, so I got in the bag early to try and get some kip before the onslaught. That proved to be a wise idea, as five more carp to 32lb 9oz and seven tench had me up from 9.45pm until pack-down at dawn!
“Eight fish from Gaunts any time is good going. In winter, it’s completely unheard of, with the majority of anglers heading to lakes with better winter form.
“Without doubt, solid bags filled with the deadly Crayfish Mini Mix pellets further boosted by injecting Betastim liquid gave me the edge to put a session in the books that’ll have me buzzing for the remainder of winter!”
PB wafters fished inside John’s solid bags did the business, as always.