• Posted: 17th January 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Ian Collins’ patience in holding out for an in-form swim at Farlows Lake was rewarded in the form of a coveted A-teamer, the magnificent Cut Tail Linear at 37lb 12oz.
“After waiting eight hours to get into a swim that had been consistently producing, it was dark by the time the rods went out for the first night,” said Ian.
“Overnight the wind changed and the fish drifted off, so it was a case of waiting for the wind to change back the following day. I kept the spot topped up with Bug crumb and maggots and on the third afternoon I had my first bite, which produced a lovely 25lb common on my right-hand rod.
“Two hours later, the middle rod pulled up tight and after a short battle a nice-looking mirror rolled into my net. When I turned the headtorch on, I instantly recognised the fish as one of the Farlows A team and one of the oldest fish in the lake, the Cut Tail Linear. A huge thanks to Scott, one of the lake bailiffs, for coming out to do some pictures for me after he’d locked up for the night, so I have some amazing snaps of this ancient carp for the album!”
Both Ian’s fish gave themselves up to 10mm PB pop-ups tipped with maggots, which he fished over a mixture of Bug crumb and maggots.