• Posted: 26th May 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Simon Parsons smashed his PB during a recent trip to Farlows, topping a three-fish catch on the popular day-ticket venue with a new forty for the venue at 41lb.
“I decided to take a trip to Farlows in search of some of the dark, scaly carp that inhabit the lake,” Simon told us.
“Prior to arriving, and after checking the weather for a few days, I already knew the area I hoped to find the fish. Luckily for me, the peg I fancied was becoming free, so I put a bucket in the swim and formulated a plan of how I was going to fish. I knew the lake had some big bream, so a boilie approach was the plan of attack.
“I crushed a few kilos of S7 boilies, mixed in some matching S7 Stick Mix, pellets and S7 Liquid Food, and then added a small amount of hemp and maize. I found a gravel spot at 16 wraps that had a slight covering of silkweed but was fishable. Due to the strong wind, I fished singles, knowing the wind was going to drop and I could bait accurately later in the evening. Once the wind dropped around 6pm, I introduced 10 large Spombs and fished two rods on the area, one with a trimmed-down PB pop-up and the other on a Wraysberry. Both were critically balanced to settle very slowly over the low-lying weed.
“At around 9pm, I had a screaming take on the PB pop-up on and landed a 19lb dark, scaly mirror. After introducing another five Spombs, three hours later my middle rod ripped off. I picked up and knew instantly this felt special; slow, head-banging runs all the way in. My legs were shaking in the pitch black, not knowing exactly what was on the end. Finally, after an epic battle under the rod tip, it popped to the surface. I slipped the net under her and knew instantly it was a new PB. I quickly unhooked the fish, rebaited with a fresh bait and put out another five Spombs. I got everything ready, zeroed the scales and got the camera set up ready for a self-take. I lifted the fish from the water and sat her on the mat. I was in awe! Up on the scales, the needle shot round to 41lb. Knowing I was on my own, I knew I had to wake the guy in the next swim. After shouting and shaking his bivvy for five minutes, he woke from his sleep and wasn’t happy. Did I care? No! I had a 40lb carp in my sling.
“I have since learned the fish was landed in September at 38lb and this weight of 41lb was its top weight, adding to the ever-growing number of 40lb-plus fish that inhabit this lake. I also went on to catch another beautiful carp that went 24lb 8oz on my last night. I’ll definitely be going back to Farlows to target more of these immense fish.”