• Posted: 4th January 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Garth Flynn has ended a four-year quest for Festival Carp Fishery’s big ’un at a massive new lake-record weight of 49lb 3oz.
The capture of the colossal day-ticket mirror known as Rosie came as a huge shock to Garth, who thought he was in the wrong area for this particular fish, but much to his delight, she proved him wrong!
Garth takes up the story: “I have been chasing this fish for nearly four years now and have always managed to miss her by a couple of days.
“As part our Christmas bailiff social, I drew a peg where I started the year in, peg 11. It’s not a peg I fish when I’m targeting the big girl, because she usually comes out of peg nine. Regardless, I was happy to be out after a very difficult session I had in France the previous month and not being able to get out all that often in the second half of the year.
“The lake was fishing slow and not a lot came out on the Friday or Saturday. On Sunday morning, the bobbin lifted on the right-hand rod to signify a slow take and I lifted the rod into what was clearly a heavy fish. After a slow and knee-shaking battle, she went over the net cord and I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t realise she was due out and never in a million years expected it to come from this peg, but here she was, Rosie at a lake record weight of 49lb 3oz – a new UK personal best! What’s more, I got to share the moment with the rest of the bailiffs down at Festival.
“The big girl slipped up to my absolute favourite combination at the moment of chopped 15mm Bug boilies, whole Bug mini dumbbells and 12-millers, and house pellets, with a nice soaking of Bug Liquid Food and a covering of Insect Meal. Over top was a fluorocarbon D-rig baited with a PB wafter.”