• Posted: 15th June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA

Stephen Bennett kept up his good form despite switching venues for a weekend to enjoy a social at Merrington Carp Fishery in Shropshire.

After setting a massive new personal best of 69lb 8oz over at Les Fortinieres in France back in April, Stephen has since bagged two UK forties from his syndicate water, including a brand-new PB common of 40lb 2oz.

For his latest session, he opted for Hayes Lake, keeping things simple by fishing his favoured PB wafters over a mixture of house pellets and both 8mm and 15mm SLK boilies, which he coated in SLK Hydro Spod Syrup.

Due to the heat, Stephen fished at the top of the marginal shelf during the day and at the base of it at night, a tactic that saw him tempt two thirties to 31lb 4oz as part of a three-fish catch.