Five-fish hit on product shoot!

  • Posted: 25th September 2020
  • Author: Team DNA
Bradley Walker made the most of a bit of time on the bank doing product photography to get the rods out for the night, and was rewarded with five fish from six bites!
Brad said: “I was out doing some product photos and unusually was in front of the lens for a change rather than behind it, so managed to do some fishing!
“It wasn’t ideal, as I put some bait out at about 9am and had fish fizzing like a Jacuzzi throughout the day, so sitting on my hands was difficult! It wasn’t until 4pm before I managed to get the rods out and had a double take within minutes, producing a 22lb mirror and a stockie! I then had to leave just one rod out whilst finishing a few more photos and then got all the rods out again about 6pm. I topped up with a few Spombs and then had another double take, landing a 24lb common and an upper-double mirror that I just slipped back without a shot.
“I had a screaming take at 2:30am, but unfortunately had a hook pull due to the weed. In the morning I had two more takes, one resulting in another 24lb common, which wasn’t in the best condition, so I treated it and slipped it back, then shortly after a jack pike took a liking to a PB pop-up!
“So, all in all, six takes (from carp) and five landed, with three being twenties, when most of the time I didn’t actually have rods in the water.
“I used 12mm S7 shelf-life boilies doused in S7 Hydro Spod Syrup, which I covered in Crayfish Mini Mix pellets, with a few tins of corn to top it off. The hookbaits were 15mm PB pop-ups.”

A lovely 22lb mirror