• Posted: 30th May 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Ian Purssord rounded off his campaign on the Rosemere syndicate with one final fish using his beloved stalking tactics.
After sitting behind motionless rods for a night, Ian got itchy feet and went to look for them, armed with his trusted stalking rod, and found a couple of fish in a small bay. Setting a trap of Calanus Hydro-soaked Bug crumb and particles, Ian would go on to be rewarded with his last-ever fish from the Cambridgeshire syndicate, the Long ’Un at 43lb 10oz. Not a bad way to sign off!
Ian said: “I didn’t know it at the time, but this was to be my last fish from my two seasons on Rosemere. The lake shut for spawning two days later, bringing an end to my ticket.
“After sitting behind motionless rods for 20 hours, I packed up and got my trusty 6ft stalking rod out the van and went on the hunt. Setting a trap in a margin and waiting for the fish to arrive proved unsuccessful, as they just weren’t playing ball, so with a couple of hours left I went searching again.
“I found two good fish in a tiny little bay to the side of a swim down the other end. Watching where they were visiting and the route they were taking, I waited for them to drift out and set a trap, baiting a tiny clear spot heavily with particles and Bug crumb all soaked in Calanus Hydro. I then positioned my rod a few metres away along the route they had been taking to the spot, along with half a handful of the mix and about three whole boilies.
“Two hours later and a few minutes before I had to leave, the rod tore off and an absolutely epic battle ensued, with me having to get in the water before she hit the net!”