• Posted: 21st November 2022
  • Author: Vinny Pritchard

Carp fishing on a budget is still possible, even in these challenging times! Day-ticket carp waters, baiting tips, rig advice and lots and lots of carp are the order of the day in this DNA Baits video.

With the cost of seemingly everything in our lives rising at the moment, we are all looking for the best deals we can get, whether that’s with our shopping, energy, fuel, or our fishing bait.

Available on the DNA Baits website ( are a number of post-free bulk deals, ranging from 5kg up to 50kg, that we feel offer fantastic value for money and are perhaps the best way of stocking up those shelves and freezers.

To prove exactly how far one of our bulk deals will go, we challenged Vinny Pritchard to demonstrate how he’d get the best from a 5kg bulk deal.

Visiting three separate venues over the course of 48 hours, Vinny employs a variety of tactics to maximise every item at his disposal and is rewarded with a string of fish on a number of different methods.

If you are feeling the pinch but don’t want to miss out on the sport you love, tune into this video for some great tips on getting the very best out of our 5kg post-free bulk deal.

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