• Posted: 2nd May 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
As any one-night-a-week angler will know, trying to compete with syndicate members who fish more regularly can be a struggle, so when it does all come together, that moment is especially sweet!
Jim Pitkeathly experienced one of those sweet moments at the weekend, when he set a new personal best with the capture of a 43lb common from his syndicate, backed up by another common of 28lb.
Jim said: “I only get one night a week which makes it difficult to compete with the lads on here that regularly do two or three nights a week, so I’m well pleased with that return.”
A clear spot baited with a light covering of 12mm and 15mm Secret 7 boilies coated in S7 Hydro Spod Syrup and dusted in Insect Meal, mixed in with some particles, did the trick for Jim.