• Posted: 20th September 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Radu Mitrea has recently returned from the session to end all sessions on Gigantica Main Lake in France, which resulted in a 22-fish catch, with the various highlights including 11 originals and a colossal 117lb 8oz brace!
“This is by far my best-ever fishing trip!” said a jubilant Radu, who also managed to smash his personal best by a country mile thanks to the capture of the colossal Danish Bacon at 70lb 8oz.

Danish Bacon at 70lb 8oz

Radu takes up the story: “Coming out first in the draw for swims, I opted for a peg I had never fished but always wanted to, Bob’s Beach.
“The week started slowly. With one fish landed and one lost after the first two nights, a change of tactics was on the cards. After seeing fish showing further away than my baited area, I gradually shifted all rods to a new spot and from then on the results exceeded all my expectations!
“I ended the session with 22 fish, including four thirties, five forties, four fifties and a 70-pounder. I managed 11 originals in total, including the likes of Danish Bacon, White Lines, Equalled, Lennie’s, Alcatraz and Buttercorn, and also managed a 117lb 8oz brace (Danish Bacon at 70lb 8oz and Buttercorn at 47lb).
“I got through 35kg of SLK and Secret 7 boilies, mixed with the SLK Hydro Spod Syrup and Fish Hydro. Wafters wrapped in SLK Paste did the trick at the magic end, as it was keeping the silt smell away from my hookbaits.
“It was also a new record for the number/stamp of fish from that swim. Smashed it!”

SLK Paste-wrapped hookbaits

SLK Paste