• Posted: 14th January 2022
  • Author: Lee Morris, Mark Bartlett, Simon Crow and Roger Bacon

Carp fishing at its finest! Big, scaly carp, screaming bite alarms, bait tips and rig advice in DNA Baits’ biggest and best carp-fishing film ever. Filmed at the greatest carp lake in the UK, Grenville in Cambridgeshire, back in May 2021, this epic 106-minute carp-hauling fest sees Lee Morris, Mark Bartlett, Simon Crow and Roger Bacon enjoy the fishing session of a lifetime, landing an abundance of 40lb-plus carp and countless numbers of scaly mirror carp. Armed with an abundance of our incredible new insect-meal boilie, The Bug, the lads go about demolishing the lake, with carp queuing up to get a taste of their bait. We see how the anglers bait up at this type of venue, demonstrating their boilie-based approach for tackling big carp lakes. Mixing The Bug boilies with copious amounts of liquid, in particular the Bug Hydro Spod Syrup, Betastim and Bug Liquid Food, keeps the bites coming regularly and the carp returning to their spot to feast on the bait. The anglers demonstrate their rig techniques, focusing on D-rigs and hinged stiff rigs, which produce the majority of the bites when fished over their big beds of boilies. Pop-up boilies prove to be the order of the day, with the Bug Half Tones pop-ups and PB pop-ups accounting for many of the lads’ carp. We also learn how to tie the pop-up rig that has accounted for so many of Roger’s big carp down the years. An incredible fishing film packed full of large carp!