• Posted: 11th April 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
The future of Grenville Lake looks in good hands if these home-grown stockies landed by Roger Bacon are anything to go by!
“Arriving at the lake, I knew it was going to be a difficult trip given the rubbish high-pressure conditions,” admitted Roger.
“After a three-hour walk round and still not seeing much, I decided to chuck singles out in deep water (30ft) for the night. Waking up at first light the next morning to see the fish all over my singles, I decided to put 12-15kg of bait out in the afternoon. I settled into the second night hoping the fish would come back the second morning. In short, they didn’t and completely disappeared. I waited another 24 hours before moving for my last night. I put out 7kg of bait in my new swim for the final night, then had four bites the next morning, resulting in three of Grenville’s home-grown stockies to just over 31lb and one lost fish.
“As usual, I baited with a mixture of 8mm and 12mm Bug freezer bait that been given their usual two-day pre-soak in Bug Liquid Food, over which I used my long blow-back rigs and Pink Peril pop-ups.”