• Posted: 24th February 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
The undisputed master of Grenville, Roger Bacon, has landed his first 60-pounder from the incredible Cambridgeshire syndicate water.
Not only that, but the 60lb 8oz mirror was a brand-new sixty for the venue, which just keeps going from strength to strength.
A delighted Roger said to us: “I can’t believe it! I’m absolutely buzzing. My first-ever sixty and, what’s more, I got to share the moment with DNA director, Steve Carrie.”
Heavy baiting is usually the key to success on Grenville, owing to its incredible stock of large, hungry carp.
Roger said: “I started with 20kg of 8mm and 12mm Bug freezer boilies, which I had pre-soaked in Bug Liquid Food for two days, my go-to tactic on Grenville. The fish soon got on the bait and by the time the sixty came along, I had caught nine to 46lb-plus, the rest of them made up of 30-pounders.
“Keeping the bait going in, I felt hopeful that something really special would happen and so it did. After being fortunate enough to catch so many fifties from the venue, all that was missing was a sixty – and there it finally was. Absolutely made up!”
All Roger’s fish succumbed to his beloved Pink Peril pop-ups on long blow-back rigs fished over the baited area of Bug goodness.