Home comforts for Welsh boys!

  • Posted: 28th October 2020
  • Author: Team DNA

The Welsh boys are already making substantial inroads into the Lamby Lake stock and it isn’t even winter yet!

Lamby is known to fish well in winter and attracts a lot of attention when the temperatures start to drop. Now with Wales experiencing a ‘fire-breaker’ lockdown, many anglers have ventured on to the water earlier than usual and are already reaping the rewards.

Jamie Watts decided to give the PBs a go for the first time, tipping his SLK bottom bait with half a PB pop-up. Casting out just after dark and trickling in some SLK freebies over the top, Jamie was rewarded with a 32lb common known as Peanut.

Following his capture of Brownie’s at 34lb 12oz, Ross Partridge has enjoyed a couple more sessions on Lamby, tempting a 23lb mirror on a Milky Malt pop-up soaked in matching Intense Booster on the first visit, and three to 21lb on the second visit, all falling to SLK wafters inside solid bags of Betastim Mini Mix pellets.

23lb mirror on a Milky Malt pop-up for Ross

The biggest of three fish to 21lb on Ross’s next visit