• Posted: 1st June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
We have had some serious French kippers reported to us over the past week are so, as British anglers continue to enjoy their late-spring trips to the Continent.
Wrexham-based Aaron Heath chose Etang Negreloube in the Limousin region for his French getaway and had a flying start to his week and was unable to keep a rod in the water when the fish moved over his bed of Bug boilies.
He said: “On the second day the fish came over the swim and I couldn’t keep a rod in the water! Unfortunately, I was in the deeper side of the lake and after this the fish moved to the shallow end to get ready to spawn and I was unable to move due to peg availability.”
During this hectic spell, Aaron landed a massive 61lb 12oz mirror and six forties weighing between 48lb and 44lb!
His fish were caught on either 15mm Bug Corker pop-ups or 15mm Bug Corker wafters, which he fished over a bed of whole and crushed 15mm and 18mm Bug freebies, all coated in Bug Hydro Spod Syrup.