• Posted: 7th March 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
One night on a southern syndicate water was all Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris needed to catch the largest fully scaled mirror in the country!
Dark in colour, littered with apple-slice scales and weighing in at a massive 60lb 5oz, this colossal beast has to be one of the best-looking carp the UK has to offer.
“There are carp and then there is this carp,” a jubilant Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris told us earlier this morning, still absolutely buzzing from one of the finest and most memorable moments of his angling life.
“I can’t believe it. One night and done!”
Mozza actually kicked off his first session on the water with a 32-pounder, so it was clear he was well on the fish, having baited an area with 20 spods of chopped worms and casters that’d he covered and mixed in Insect Meal powder.
Over the top, he offered a 10mm PB pop-up tipped with maggots inside a solid bag of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets and a mixture of squats and Insect Meal powder, the latter absorbing the moisture of the squats to creature the perfect consistency and texture for a solid bag.
“As I was playing the fish, I was trying to get my waders and GoPro on at the same time! Then as I flicked my head torch on, I could see a massive 60lb fully scaled mirror in the gin-clear water. The rest is a bit of a blur, to be honest.
“The owner was fishing next to me, so it was amazing to share the moment with him and even more amazing to see the scales pass the 60lb mark to settle on 60lb 5oz. I still can’t believe it!
“I’m not just famous for Rainbow any more, son!”