• Posted: 5th May 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Kai Scales has ticked another fish off his most-wanted list over on the Hope Lake syndicate at Grendon Lakes, Northamptonshire, coming as part of a two-fish catch.
After kicking off the session with a 22lb common, the 40-year-old then followed it up with a fish had been after for a long while, a 34lb common known as the Baby Dog, coming nearly five years after Kai caught its predecessor, the Dog.
“I got to the lake on the Friday evening and decided on a swim that had recently done a fish,” said Kai.
“Setting up in the dark, I could hear fish out in front of me. I clipped up all three rods at 80 yards and chucked them out using opposite swims as markers. At 3am, I got up to go to toilet and as I walked up the steps out of the swim, my middle rod absolutely tore off with what turned out to be an old 22lb common.
“With the rig back out on the spot and no more action through the night, the next morning I reeled in for a change of tactics and rigs, introducing some freshly cooked particles to the spot. It wasn’t long after spodding out that the middle rod was off again, this time with a fish I’ve always wanted to catch ever since I caught an A-team member called The Dog. Known as the Baby Dog, I was absolutely over the moon; a stunning old Nene Valley common of 34lb 2oz and another one ticked off the list.”
Both fish succumbed to pink Bug Half Tones pop-ups, one fished on a spinner rig and the other on a hinged stiff rig.